Monday, August 26, 2013


Damn, haven't been back here in a while. So, what's new? Besides getting a new job, completing my qualification, adding another one needed for my new job I've increased my addiction to pole dance. It's absolutely amazing!! Coming up on having done it for a year now and I think I've made some good progress. I also got myself my own pole despite the initial doubt below! And I've been nowhere near breaking the tv so all good!

Actually had a party yesterday at ours and kept the pole up for a laugh and it ended up being all the boys playing around the most on it, it was absolutely hilarious!!

I might start using this blog again, haven't decided yet...we'll see!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bruised, sore, in pain and couldn't be happier??

Yeah, that title doesn't really make sense at first but it will, I promise.

So, why am I all bruised yet happy?? Let's look at the possible reasons shall we;

1. My boyfriend has turned into an abusive ass and for some reason I like the pain.
2. I got hurt while robbing a bank but the bruises are worth it as I'm now filthy rich.
3. I'm performing a lot of crazy stunt moves in the next Blockbuster film with Johnny Depp and am therefore looking forward to all the fame coming my way.
4. I have gotten myself addicted to pole dancing.


Well luckily it's not number 1 as abusive boyfriends make my blood boil. Although, after having seen one of my family members been through this first hand despite her being a really strong person has shown me that no one is immune to this crap. Still, my boyfriend is far too amazing to ever hurt me so this option is not possible.

Option number 2 is just plain silly. I would never get away with it so instead of being filthy rich, I'd have to spend my time as someone's new favourite prison bitch. Let's scrap this option off the list.

3...yeah, I'd get famous and invited to all the crazy Hollywood shindigs but happy?? How many Hollywood celebs actually seem that happy? I'd end up shaving my hair, beating up the paparazzi with my umbrella, feature in my home made sex tape and end up making a fool out of myself in yet another MTV show where I show my vajay every chance I get.

So, I guess that leave us with number 4. Yep, I'm addicted to pole dancing. 

I really hope everyone that reads this doesn't immediately associate pole dancing with me having become a stripper (I haven't!!!). Hopefully you will have seen some of the amazing people in this business doing this as a competitive sport so that you can see how absolutely incredible they are and how much strength it takes to do these moves. If not, Youtube 'BEST Pole Dance Ever by Jenyne Butterfly 2011', this will show what I mean.

Anyway, I've been doing one class a week for almost 8 weeks now and I'm already hooked. I can see my muscles getting more defined and I'm getting slimmer but more importantly, I'm getting so much stronger. In my first lesson we were supposed to just grip the pole both hands and lift our legs off the floor so we're just holding our body up with our arms. I slid down in one second and it didn't matter what I did, I just could not hold myself up, it was pathetic. Now, I'm climbing the pole, gripping with both hands and swinging my legs forwards and backwards as a warm up no problem and I've even started working on the upside down stuff! Seeing the progress is amazing and it's so much fun!!

The one downside is as the title says, I'm getting bruises absolutely everywhere. Good thing it's not bikini season, otherwise people would think boyfriend actually does beat me up! But, the bruises are a small price to pay and I usually get them when I'm trying to learn a move and doing it wrong over and over again so the better I get, hopefully the lesser bruises I'll get. I'm even going to up it to 2 lessons a week with my second one tonight just because of the withdrawal I'm getting from just going Wednesdays, it just aint enough!

Now how do I convince boyfriend that we really really need to get a pole for the living room.....?

...nah, just kidding. With my luck, I'd accidentally knock over his precious TV and have to flee the country. Without a job and a home, I'd have no choice but to actually get a job in a strip club where granted, my new skills would go a long way but I think I'll skip that and stick to keeping my new hobby in the gym.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sex - Sex - Sex

I wrote Ta at the end of my previous post, getting British by the minute ey?

Although I will admit to having embraced some of the English traits (such as enjoying baked beans in tomato sauce with my fry up brekkie), there are some aspects to England and the English way that I will probably just never agree with or understand. For example:

The 'water shed' - The number of times I've turned the TV on and gotten all exited about finding a particularly good episode of a show or a movie showing only to suddenly realise that all the violence, the gory and bloody fights, the foul language and the steamy sex scenes have been CUT!!! What's the point of watching Buffy without the blood sucking vampires and fighting or Sex and The City without the Sex?? Basically, watching TV before 9 is a complete waste of time in this country. All because the parents wants to spare their kids the horrible ordeal of coming across a nipple or some blood. I wonder what they'll do when they find out about that world wide phenomenon called the Internet... Bloody do some parenting yourself and control what your kids watch and let the rest of us enjoy the TV the way it was intended- with drugs, sex and rock'n roll.

Now it's a common fact that Brits are perceived as being a bit uptight and I have to agree. For me it gets especially obvious as I'm from Sweden (where we all know that all gorgeous blond and blue-eyed girls wear nothing but a bikini while riding a polar bear through town) where sex is much more main stream. What do I base this on?

1. We have proper sex education which for my class involved watching the movie KIDS (imdb: about an amoral, ignorant HIV-positive skateboarder that sets out to deflower as many virgins as possible while a local girl who contracted his disease tries to save his next target from her same fate) featuring a lot of sex and naked bodies. This would have been an 18 rated movie in the UK and we watched it as part of sexED in the 7th grade. Really good movie that served the purpose.

2. We are more open about the female sexuality. When I was in college, a Swedish equivalent to Cosmopolitan magazine came out with this campaign called 'Masturbate more'. They produced t-shirts and everything that people (including one of my closest friends) wore proudly. They had a masturbation challenge which basically asked you to try and break your own (or others) record for how many times you could come in a day by yourself. You might think this is a bit weird but this really did a lot of good as too often we are told that women just don't touch themselves in that way. Boys on the other hand have their hand on their penis since baby time and seem to never let go and that is perfectly acceptable for people. Can you imagine such a campaign being acceptable on in the UK?? People would choke on their tea and there'd be mass protests.

3. Our state owned pharmacy received requests to introduce dildos into their stores and so they did. In between your usual pharmacy stuff such as paracetamol, nose sprays and cough medicine, you can now also find an assorted selected of dildos to help keep the flu away, awesome!

See reading this kinda makes me miss my home country a bit...but despite England's flaws in the sexuality area, I still love it. Besides, there's quite a few Swedes in this country and we'll just have to try and break down the sexual barriers one by one until even the Queen confesses to masturbating at least once a day!

By the way, decided against deleting. It had too many memories I wanted to keep!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Delete or not to delete...

Hmm...just re-read all my posts and realised I'm actually quite funny, who knew!?

I'm considering taking this blog up again to have an outlet for all my craziness but I can't decide weather or not to remove all previous posts before kicking off again...

This is the same problem I used to have when writing in my diary when I was a kid. I would have a few good weeks of making loads of entries in my diary and then forget about it for weeks/months. When the urge to write again came back, I would tear out all old pages first as I felt bad about the gap of no writing and start fresh. This is why I have no saved diaries from my childhood that I can go back and read (and cringe about) which I think is quite sad. At the same time, it doesn't stop me from wanting to hit the delete button on all my previous posts now...clearly I have issues and have not evolved in the slightest since being a child. Good to know nothing changes.

Oh yeah, still in London, still with my amazing A that I now live with as well. At the same company but got promoted (yej!!) and studying a Marketing qualification at the same time. There we go, the mandatory update complete and you can all rest easily again.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

On the wagon

Yep, during a weak moment right after the holidays (getting smashed on NYE) me and R at work decided it would be an excellent idea to go on the wagon all throughout Jan to kick start the gymming that we have been taking a one month break from due to the flu and christmas. It is also a great way to save money.

That is if you don't go out at all. If I actually go out this month I'll probably end up paying more for a glass of juice or a soft drink than I would a drink during happy hour! That is London for you, getting drinks here is way way cheaper than it ever was in sweden. The country of the off licences, half price deals and 2 for 1 deals at Tesco's and so on. No wonder I need a month of the booze...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My new years resolution

I never make New years resolutions, this because you never end up keeping them anyway so seems like a waste of time. This being said, this year I am making one.

I will become a better blogger. Okay, I will at least try.

So what's up in the world of me? Well, I am disgustingly in love. Yes, we have said the L word. He told me in Thailand and I didn't even hesitate saying it back. Anyone who knows me knows that is a big step for me and not something that I say very lightly so when I do say it I really mean it.

I will be moving to a new place at the end of January, moving into a smaller place sharing with only two others instead of as now sharing with 5 people. The new place is much nicer as well so this is a big improvement to my life! The only downside if that I will have to pay £100 more a month which sucks. But hey, it's all worth it for me living in London!! Still loving this place. I just got back from the holidays with my family which was really good but when I got back to London it did feel like coming home. This is my world now.

Tomorrow is new years eve and time to party. I have bought some booze and A got tequila. I have a feeling it's gonna be a wild one but hey fine by me!

Damn, 2011...I'm getting old...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Life is to perfect to blog

Seriously, P E R F E C T I O N. That is my life at the moment.

I live in London and I fucking love this city!

I love my job and my job loves me. I get to work with wonderful people and my managers are helping me to develop my skills and to prove myself so that I can move forward.

I have wonderful friends in London and my friends not in London are finally planning trips to visit me in la la land.

I have a boyfriend A that I am absolutely crazy about who makes my life in London a thousand times better and I have not yet fucked everything up or gotten my usual panic attacks I can get when things are too good. He makes me smile and just happy and everything with him is just so right.

I have two weeks in Thailand coming up in November with A that is going to be truly awesome with diving certificate, cliff jumping, rock climbing, full moon party, snorkeling, jet-skies and scooter rides. An action packed holiday with someone I know I will have fun with.

My lovely J is coming for a visit in the beginning of December for some quality and party time and I miss her like crazy!!!

Christmas when I get to go home and see my family, yey!!!

And then it's time for 2011. I already have lots of things planned for the new year which is gonna be brilliant. However, how 2011 is going to match 2010 I have no idea cause this year has rocked!!

Ok, feel free to hate me now. I know you want to cause I used to be one of those haters.
No? Ok, just to make sure that u absolutely hate me; I have also managed to not gain but lose about 7 kilos and making myself tighter by going to the gym. Feel the urge to throw rotten tomatoes at me now? Yeah, I kinda thought so. It's ok, I understand.

If it makes u feel any better the house I moved to in August is a proper shit hole. It's cold, things are breaking, we have mice that are getting cockier by the minute, there is not enough space in the fridge and our tv is tiny with a constant green icon up in the left screen that we can't get rid of. But my housemates are awesome, rent is cheap, I live super close to the station and Tescos and also close to A so who cares??

See, I am absolutely disgustingly positive. Not even the mice can bring me down!

Going out by myself in Londons nightlife when visiting with my old job last year and meeting A is by far the best decision I have ever made cause eventually that's what brought on the London ideas. I am actually gonna tell that story next time I manage to update here. Prepare yourselves for something that sounds like a script from a Hollywood cheese fest movie. Til then - Ta!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New job!!

Yes, I know I just started a job but unfortunately I didn't feel like it was working out so I got in touch with the recruitment agency who got me an interview the last time around. That interview went really well and they wanted me back for a 2nd one but at the same time I had three job offers on the table and didn't want to risk not getting a job so I accepted the job I'm currently at and turned down the 2nd interview for that company.

Anyway, the recruitment agency guy called me up last week and said that the same company were looking to hire for another job, and a much more interesting one as well. So yesterday I went for the interview and they called me back the same day and offered me the job!!! So I start next tuesday! I am so excited! What will I be doing? I will be Senior Operations Officer. That's gonna look good on my CV. Anyway, don't wanna write the company name but it's in education so I'm moving from the bad guys (online casino) to the good guys. And this company is a great place for building a good career since it is a well established one who often promote from within so this feels right!

Wohoo!!! So happy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yes, I'm alive

Yes I know I'm a shitty blogger but sometimes life comes first.

I'll try and do better. So what has happened?

Me and A are still not using the labels to describe whatever it is we are and I honestly don't care. We have lots of fun together, I like him and I know that he likes me so what's gonna change just cause we decide we're officially a couple? Nothing, that's what. So I'm sticking to calling him Mr Maybe. That's what I'm making everyone call him instead of my boyfriend. Apparently he is not telling his friends this cause more than one of them has used the girlfriend label on me. But I do think I've stopped panicking about it. That's gotta count for something, right??

Another plus for Mr Maybe is that I really like his family. Yes, despite us not using the labels I have met his parents...more than once actually...first time was on valentines day...yes we are weird and doing everything in the wrong order, I know this. Anyway, they're really sweet and they had us over for easter. His mom fed us delicious food and his dad made sure we drank way to much wine and champagne and it was just a really good time. I really miss my own family so being able to get along so well with his is just so good.

I have also started going on dates. No, of course not that kind of dates. What I mean is friend dates. Yes, there is such a thing and it is great! I decided I needed to meet some new people that I didn't meet through A so I found this website where people like me who are new in London can join and meet people just like me who is just after making some new friends. Might sound a bit weird but if people can do internet dating with the opposite sex then I can go on friend dates. I met this one girl on sunday for a coffee and had a really good time. Tomorrow I'm meeting another girl for drinks after work. I need to have my own friends that have nothing to do with A otherwise I'm gonna go bonkers. Really really miss my friends that I left back home as well. Don't know what u got til u aint got it no more. Except that's not true, I knew before moving that what I had is more than good.

With high hopes of a new update within a few days. Hopefully I have some news to share by then. Never know who is reading so I'd rather wait with telling just now. Fingers crossed people!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Are u high??

Well despite my previous post I was on drugs today. Legitimate drugs that is, as in painkillers. I am like I've stated before the clumsiest person ever. This post should prove that statement.

The painkillers is for the pain of the (2nd degree?) burns I managed to get on my left hand and part of my right arm after somehow knocking over boiling water all over me last night while making pasta. Luckily I was wearing a thick cardigan on top which saved most of me from the water. At first the pain wasn't too bad. I rinsed the burns under cold water and then went to bed with cold wet socks wrapped around them. The worst pain came during the night. Despite the drenched cold socks it felt like my hand was on fire and I couldn't put it out. I have a high tolerance for pain but this hurt.

So this morning since it still hurt I popped one of my painkillers saved from the last time I was clumsy. That time I was up on a table adjusting a curtain at work, jumped down from said table and managed to somehow land weirdly rupturing a muscle in my thigh causing it to bleed from the inside. Now that was pain like you wouldn't believe. I was on the couch of my job crying in agony before one of my colleagues drove me to the hospital. That time I took two pills at once and was high higher highest the entire time. Those pills were my best friend at the time cause seriously, PAIN.

Today I settled for one which only takes the pain away while keeps me sane enough to keep working. Just makes me a bit slow in the head. After work I actually walked up to the wrong house on the way home. I did realise my mistake before I tried my key in the wrong door though. That would have been a teeny tiny bit awkward...

Changing the subject. A is away for the week. Snowboarding in Austria with his friends and while that sounds like fun I'm actually glad I'm not with him. I need some time to breathe and sort out what I'm doing. Why is it that whenever I'm with him things feel good and the last few days I've found myself thinking maybe I wouldn't mind beeing his "official" girlfriend?? But then when I'm by myself the panic starts and I just think that it's too soon and I kinda freak out. Do I or don't I? I'm so fucked up when it comes to boys. I do know that I like him. A lot actually. But then at the back of my mind I have that little voice telling me not to like him too much cause then there's a chance of getting hurt...

Is there a pill to take that sorts out fucked up minds like mine?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Party central

Sat again and time for yet another night of partying in the wonderful city of Ldn!

Just gotten ready and now I'm sitting here in my pretty choice of dress for the evening passing the time before heading over to A's place. It's still a bit early to go out but we're planning on watching the latest episode of Lost first. (watching Lost on his big flatscreen is way better then watching in on my computer) I'm bringing some Corona and lime to make it more party. Tonight I think the plan is meeting up with A's friends at some pub first and then probably a late afterparty at someones house.

Housepartys are somewhat different from those in Sweden for one particular reason. At the partys here it's more usual than unusual that the place is full of all sorts of drugs. Someone whipping out some coke and doing a few lines isn't frowned upon like it would be in Sweden. Same thing about the weed. People smoke it like normal cigarettes here during weeks, weekends or whenever really. I'd heard about this before but you won't believe it til u see it. Anyway, doesn't bother me. Just cause everyone else is doing it doesn't mean I have to. I'm sticking to alcohol. Well well, I'm planning on having a good time anyway! Have a great sat!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Take a hint?

I live in one of the dodgier places of London. To me it's fine but some people won't even set foot here. Sure there are the occasional nutters walking around but even the poshest areas have those. Anyway, I don't feel unsafe here and so far nothing has happened to me. I did however get stalked walking in one of the "nicer" areas of London the other day.

I was walking from the bank to the tube station when I saw this guy walking towards me and who kept staring at me really intensely even as we walked passed each other. He must have turned around again cause after a few minutes he comes up from behind me and starts walking right next to me. He was so close we could have been mistaken for siamese twins, that's how bad it was.

At first I tried the friendly approach and just said politely;
- Can I help you?
stalker - Hi, what's your name?
me - Excuse me?
stalker - I want to get to know you. What's your name?
me - I'm sorry but I am really not interested and I don't have time for this.
stalker - Where are you going? I can walk with you and you can tell me everything about yourself.
(By this time I start getting really annoyed and realise the polite approach isn't gonna work. )
me - Can you please go away now? I just told you I am not interested.
stalker - But I really want to get to know you. Why won't you talk to me? I am a nice person, so where are you from?
me - Stop talking to me. Go away. I am NOT interested!! I am not gonna tell you again. Leave me alone!

I then quickly cut across the street just as the cars got the green light to go and before the guy had a chance to realise he got stuck on the other side. I then slipped into the station, got on the tube and kept looking over my shoulder the entire ride home to see if I was being stalked.

So to get to the point of this nonsense posting, it doesn't matter if you live in the posh area or the dodgy one. The nutters, weirdos and crazies are everywhere and they will find you even if you move.

This guy was actually really good looking but since I am already seeing the hottest guy in Ldn and since stalkers don't really do it for me he struck out! Since A doesn't know about the blog I can share with you that I am without a doubt falling and falling hard which scares the hell out of me. Hopefully I can manage to keep my fears in check and don't fuck this one up. Fingers crossed. Have a good sat!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Say again??

There's something seriously wrong with my hearing sometimes. Today when buying yet another starbucks latte (I'm sure I'll kick this nasty expensive habit soon..hopefully...) this is what the girl taking my order said to me when I made my order.
(My question; Can I have a Vanilla latte to go please? )

- Have here or take away?

Sounds like your typical response to a coffe order, right? This is for real what I heard.

- You're bloody right u can!

I know, it's not even close to sounding similar but with the very thick accent that this girl had I am telling you that is what I heard. It's like the classic Ally Macbeal moment when they hear something completely different to what is actually being said. Pretty soon I'll start seeing weird dancing babies and that is when this blog goes silent cause I'll be in the loony bin with the rest of the crazies.

Let's hope it doesn't happen too soon though, I want to experience summer in London first. Looking forward to the festivals and making out in the park while the sun shines on me. Rain in London u say? No no, that's a myth. In my London fantasy it never rains and the starbucks are as free as a bird or someone doing a skydive. End of story.

Oh yeah, first day of work went along smoothly. That is cause I didn't really do much. I was supposed to learn from the people who just started like two weeks ago but they all went our for lunch together on fri and all managed to get food poisoning. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive. I want to learn! I want to suck up the information like a sponge and become brilliant yet again at my job. Keep u updated of course.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

1st day

Doing my first day at my new job tomorrow.

Fingers crossed that I don't fuck it up. Which naturally I won't because I am brilliant! Think I am a bit full of myself and need to be taken down a notch? Sorry but I lost the typical swedish modesty long before coming here. Something just happened to me in the last year and I stopped apoligising for being good. I don't claim to be good at everything, definitely not. Some things I will never be able to do no matter how hard I try. But, there a a few things that I am really really good at and I should be able to say so. I have been told that the british people are less likely to apoligise for their success so hopefully that's true cause that means I've found yet another reason to why I never wanna move back to sweden.

Anyway, about tomorrow. As long as I don't show up naked (who hasn' t had that dream??) I think I'll be fine. Still, fingers crossed couldn't hurt right? Now I have to go get pretty, I have company coming over in the shape of a sexy boy. Can u still call a 27yr old a boy? I think so but he seems to disagree. Luckily he knows nothing of this blog so I can call him whatever I choose to. *Cue evil laughter here*

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inga from sweden

So I don't actually start working til next monday. This of course means that I have lots of extra time that I now don't need to spend looking for jobs or running on interviews (hooray!) The weather has actually been quite good since I got here. A few days it's even felt like spring with people walking around in t-shirts or shorts but naturally now that all I want to do is walk around London there's constant rain... Just wait til next week when I start working. That's when summer strikes I'm sure! I find that anytime the weather is less than perfect here I just remind myself of the weather in sweden. Snowstorm vs rain? Think I'll keep the rain.

Tomorrow I am having A over for a swedish dinner. He hasn't seen my place yet since we're always at his so now it's time. When he came to Sweden for a visit in dec I made him meatballs and mashed potatoes which was a big hit. He especially fell for the lingonberry. So this is what he's requested for tomorrow. I am also stopping by Scandinavian Kitchen to pick up some swedish semlor that I've asked them to put aside for me. Going all out for the swedish meal!

After all this hard work he better put out I tell you!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I have a job

So....after 3 weeks in Ldn doing job searching, 1st interviews, 2nd interviews, phone interviews, language tests, case interviews - I ended up getting 3 different job offers and had to choose which one I wanted!!! This has never happened before so it felt really good.

I ended up going with my gut feeling, choosing the job in the entertainment industry where the company is just starting up in the UK. They are well established in Sweden, Norway and Austria så hopefully their launch in the UK will be as successful. I do really like the idea that I will get to be there from the start. At first I wasn't going to start for another 3 weeks but after I told them I wanted to start sooner they agreed to letting me start next week instead. I need to start working, I am not cut out for unemployment.

I just hope I've made the right decision. But it's like A told me. If it only took me 3 weeks to get 3 different job offers I could probably do it again if it turns out this job is not for me. But not after giving it my all. One of the things I loved about my last job is that I knew that I was really good at what I did. I knew it and the people I worked with and for knew it. So I'm gonna work my ass of to prove myself and hopefully be able to repeat this at my new job.

So this weekend was celebration time with A. I'm keeping the details to myself but this weekend was just so unbelievably good. I didn't move here because of him but I am really glad he's here.
Things are working out for me. My London adventure is working out for me. Woop woop!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The London chapter begins

oops, this place is looking kinda dead. Haven't had time to write that much after my move. Lots of job hunting and other than that I've been spending time with A.

Anyway, here I am. In London. Right now sitting on the sofa of my new flatshare which I will be with this jamaican girl S who seems really cool. Think we'll get along just fine! The flat feels really girly and my room is really nice. And last night walking from my place over to A's I suddenly realised that after only one week London feels like home. This is gonna be good. Now all I need to do is get a job but I'm not worried. I have experience in the field in which I'm looking, extremely good references and there is just no doubt I should be able to get something.

Keep u posted. Now I'm gonna be british and drink tea!

Monday, January 18, 2010

So yesterday

I have three stars tattooed at the back of my neck. I got them a couple of years back when me and my closest three friends all decided we were gonna get these stars permanently inked. We each chose our own designs, all with very different styles, shapes, sizes and at different places on our bodies. But they all represent the same thing, our friendship that is never meant to die.

Crappy enough we've been spread out all over for a while now but at least two of them live in the UK so I'll be a little bit closer after my move. Me so happy. if I could just get the third one to come join us all the stars will be aligned at long last! Stupid girl has gone and fallen in love and is living with this stupid boy (who in fairness doesn't seem stupid at all but that's beside the point) instead of leaving the country. Stupid, stupid stupid. it wrong of me for secretly wishing she'll dump him and come join us instead? No. What am I saying? Of course I don't mean that. Or maybe. Just a little. When noone can hear and judge me for being all selfish. Then I mean it a lot. But for now I'm gonna be happy having 2 of 3 closer to me. I really miss them. Got to see one of them over the holidays but the other one, can't remember the last time we were together and I really really miss her.

Okay, getting sentimental now. No good. Til next time.

Friday, January 15, 2010

This is my confession

I am finally getting it done. My very first. Thought about it for a long time but just never got around to it. So this leaves me 25 yrs old and never having tried one. It's time...

...for the Brazilian.

Yep, never done it. Shavers and me have been best buddys for a long time but this is an infected friendship. We see each other way too often and whenever we do I'm left with this irritated feeling. Keep coming back for more though, just can't seem to kick it.

So now I'm joing the rest of the female population who flaunts the privates for the person with the hot wax. I'm actually not that nervous about it. I have a high treshold for pain and as long as there isn't a room full of people watching I'm fine with flaunting my bush knowing my price is getting so say farewell to shavers for a while.

A long time ago women burned their bras to make a statement, women of 2010 wax of all their hair downstairs. Same same but different. Right??

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bite me

People are really annoying me these days.
I mean more then they usually do.

The customers I talk to are really annoying with annoying little shitty problems that suddenly become life and death. And I'm sorry, the fact that u can't access The Sports channel right now is not what I would classify as the end of the world. Had u told me u had problems accessing the playboy channel I would understand but Sports?? Really?

Speaking of the naked channels,
since we now have the wonders of the web to entertain ourselfs with,
do people actually watch porn on tv anymore?
Or even more stupid, rent porn dvd's??
Someone should really enlighten these poor souls... Not me though, as u can clearly read from my previous post I attract the crazies and really have no time for crazy people right now.

It's a really good thing I only have 12 days left at the office.
Whenever faced with dealing with another one of these morons
I just keep repeating that over and over in my head.
Trust me, without that
there would be nothing keeping me from strangling myself with the headset wires...